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V. Johnson. I recently purchased a vehicle from Herb Gordon Nissan and my experience was awesome.  The staff are first class all the way. They were beyond spectacular in making a difference in my situation and I can't thank them enough.  I am vested with Herb Gordon Nissan for life. I was treated with extra special care from the beginning, and it never stops! Thank God for this Fresh Start Program with Herb Gordon Nissan. I would recommend everyone to give them a try!

S. Ferguson. I just want to send a very special thank you to the entire team at Herb Gordon Nissan for everything they did for me. I don't have the best credit nor do I have years of tenure at my most recent job, however, they were able to get me into the car I truly desired and I am forever grateful to all of them. There was no hassle or pressure and not one time did I feel I was being pushed into something I didn't want. No smoke or mirrors just plain old honesty and I thank them. Carl, Nancy, Mark and I am having memory freeze right now but there were others to mention as well who made my experience such a breeze.

A. Adkins. I am so happy to be a customer of Herb Gordon Nissan. I was very blessed to meet such wonderful people. I felt very welcomed and the team worked really hard to make sure that I left the dealership with a car. Mr. Franklin and Ms. Mary were awesome. If anyone wants to feel like family and not just a customer, go to Herb Gordon Nissan! They will take care of you!

M.C. Ransom. Wonderful Service! I was looking for any newer car than what I had so I decided to try Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring. I met with Jose (Sales) and Mary (Finance) and they were super nice and listened to all of my needs to get me into the right car. I was simply over-the-moon excited when I was put into my very first brand spanking new car. A 2015 Nissan Sentra with only 14 miles on it and I got to take it off the showroom floor. I was grinning from ear to ear the entire time I was there. Everything was processed and done in as little as 2 hours, which was fantastic. I will definitely recommend anyone I know going to see them at Herb Gordon Nissan because the service was impeccable and I am still smiling from ear to ear. I will definitely purchase my next car from them again.

Aisha B. Thank you to the fresh start team at Herb Gordon. I was so happy that I found a Dealership that was willing to get me in the car of my dreams. It was very hard fo me to get approved at other dealerships. I am glad that I was able to get a chance. Thank you Musa, Kathy, Carol, and Mary you guys rock! I would refer anybody to them. I will be back in the near future for my next purchase. I was able to drive off with a 2014 Nissan Sentra

Jarett G. I've had the best experience. The staff was very kind and helpful in all areas of the purchase of my vehicle.

Wondell H. Hi My name is Wondell H. I would like to thank Kathy, Mary and Musa for their outstanding professionalism and assistance in getting me into my new car! I am so grateful and Blessed!! My new baby,"Sunset" , is a true dream come true:) Thanks again!!!!

Sharon B. Hi, My name is Sharon B. and I just wanted to thank all the people in the Fresh Start Program, Cathy Demers, Jose, and of course Mary. Thank you all for working with me and making my dream come true. I know have a good car and I can now start to regain my credit. 

Myisha H. I truly appreciation the experience and helpfulness of Mary, Musa, and Kathleen. I welcomed within a warm environment. I was even more ecstatic when I was able to leave with a brand new car. Thank you all so much for your hospitaility. I'm definently referring all of my friends.

Rodney B. A special "THANK YOU" to the Herb Gordon Nissan Fresh Start Program team. Mary and Jordan both were very professional throughout the process of me purchasing my new Nissan Altima. I will recommend the Herb Gordon Nissan Fresh Start Program to all family members and friends as well. 

Kevin H. My experience with this process was great and gave me the best possible solution to financing new vehicle. The agent Mary worked extremely hard with complete honesty for start to finish, she is highly recommended. 

Angelina P. I was not sure if I wanted a car note or go through the process to get a loan with all I was dealing with, but Ms. DeMers, Mr. Gustavo, and Ms. Mary helped make this a breeze. I loved my experience and will recommend them to anyone looking to buy a car. 

Anonymous. Car broke down, having rough day. Went by just to see what was out there. The Fresh Start Program was my route. Chantelle took my application. Jordan Jenkins showed me the cars and wanted to know WHY I w's going to look some place else since I had gotten my last car there and we were FAMILY. Convinced me to stay... and then Ramesh Deonarian and Mark T. Sonn did the financial part with me in mind...THEY MADE IT HAPPEN So a search turned into a purchase..I was taking STORM home. Yes a pearl white Altima was mine! so happy with my treatment my daugther and son in law purchased an Altima on the 19th and the same team provided the same EXCELLENT service to them. Keep up the great work.


Daria C. I can say at first when I recieved the a call from Chantelle, I thought this whole Fresh Start was very skeptical. So, I actually came to the testimonial page and read some stories, so I was like ok. When I say my credit is not great and I manage to leave the dealership in a 2015 Sentra it was definitely a good ending to a rough day. All I can say is that Mary and Musa are AWESOME!!!!! Definitely feel like a Fresh Start for me. :-) 

Monica D. Yesterday I went to Herb Gordon with no expectations of actually leaving with a car, but I was ecstatic to leave driving my 2011 Ford Escape. They really worked with me and my credit. When other dealerships said no or were nowhere near my price range, they made it happen. The entire process took approximately 2.5 hours which is unheard of when purchasing a car. Mary and Ramesh were the best! They made the entire experience painless and now have a customer for life. I would and will recommend them to anyone I know looking to purchase a car 

Tanya N. I was in the market looking to purchase a new vehicle and was starting to get discouraged... A close friend told me to stop past and try out Herb Gordon. I went by one day after work and the next day they called and told me I was approved!! Everyone there was professional and curtious. I highly recommend them and would definitely purchase from them again in the future! 

DOMONIQUE A. This is oh so very late, but better late then never. The people that I worked with was amazing. Mary and Jim Porters thank you soooooooo much for this opportunity. And I always make sure I refer people when they ask where I got my car from. 

Charles H. God bless the staff....they helped my family leave with, not only what we needed, but, what we desired. We arrived shortly before 6pm and was out by 830pm.....Fast time....Good Service.....Great Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

F. Johnson. I still owed money on my previous car and was unsure if I would able to afford my Altima but Bruce and Justin worked with me and made my experience so painless at Herb Gordon. I have definitely recommended them to my coworkers and family. I am now a lover of Nissan and appreciate all that everyone at Herb Gordon did for me.

M. Chinn. Hassan was Awesome! Been with Herb Gordon since 1998 

Best car buying experience of my life. I came in with credit issues and worried that I wouldn't be approved. The Fresh Start team treated me like I was their most valuable customer. Not only did I get approved, my daughter did as well. We left with 2 cars. Jim Porter was my salesman, he was very professional with over 40 years experience. Mary in finance is a gem. I would recommend everyone to go to Herb Gordon Nissan and enjoy a different car buying experience.

OMG! I came home last night with my new Toyota Camry. "Fresh Start" is exactly what these guys will give you. I have very poor credit and a repo and I was able to get a vehicle. I would like to thank Chantelle, Jim Porter, Remesh, Mary and Larry for you help and your understanding that "life happens" and everyone deserves a second chance. I will be recommending Herb Gordon Nissan to everyone I know and people I don't. Thanks again for the support and the help. These guys are real they mean what they say....You will leave with a car.... a nice one too!!! 

Quenton K. The Fresh Start Program has truly given me a fresh start. This was by far the best experience I've ever had with purchasing a vehicle. Kathy, Mary and Musa delivered on everything they promised. Customer service was second to none. I will definitely refer family and friends. Herb Gordon Nissan will continue to earn my business. 

Constance W. I am pleased with the service that Fresh Start has given me. With my past credit history, I thought it would be impossible for me to finance a car. But this program really did give me a "fresh start. " and their Credit Waive Event helped out as well. Mary and Hassan was awesome! I left out with my Sentra a very happy customer. 

Corinthia H. I would recommend this to everyone. Im just an ordinary single parent with very poor credit. I didnt think I would have gotten a brand new vehicle with my horrible credit. Musa and Mary are awesome they got me in a brand new 2015 Nissan Versa just a little below my price range as far as monthly payments. APR 9% lower than what was originally offered by other finance companies. All in all it was a win win situation for me. I was very skeptical in going there so I read about other experiencies hoping they were true. I am here to testify its all true. Thank you Mary and Musa for making it an ultimate experience for me. 

Sandy R. As with our first purchase, this second purchase was as smooth as could be thanks to Musa and Mary. That's why we came back for a second purchase...there was no question that Herb Gordon would have our business again! 

Krystle W. I had an amazing experience. Carl has earned Herb Gordon another loyal customer. He made me feel comfortable with his great sense of humor and layed back approach. He did everything in his power to help me with my purchase and told me by the end of everything I was going to be driving away in my new car. With that being said, I drove away in my new Impala! I thank him for his efforts! Mary was also so sweet and gave me a great understanding of the finance and tag aspect of the sale. I will be returning and referring my friends and family! 

Malika G. Best car buying experience ever! Mr.Hassan, Mary & Kathy were great. They all worked really hard to get me in a car that I loved and could afford. I have already recommended a couple friends! 

Tee W. Praises to God for my blessings that I recieved from the Herb Gordan Team. Medical bills sent my credit into a sink hole. I have recently been receiving a large number mailings regarding "you have been approved for a new or used car...you will not be turned down". I tried two dealerships to find that the flyers were deceiving. You read one thing and then when you get there, it's something totally different.The third place I tried wanted a VERY high down payment. I was floored but thought that this is my only option.(was going some time in March) I checked my mail the following day and received more car offers. I threw away 4 of them but for some reason kept the flyer from Herb Gordan's Auto Fresh Start Program. As I was searching the website, my thought was well why not give it a try but I know they will be like the others. I filled out the information section and waited for someone to respond. The following day I received an email from Mrs. Kathy DeMers. I called her and made my appointment to see her later that day. My friend accompanied me because he knew the area and for support.

I walked through the door and was greeted by the receptionist.(I forgot her name) We were both greeted by Kathy with a very friendly hello. I turned in my info that was requested and off she went. Later, I met Mr. Dennis and Mary. After a couple of hours....Mary asked what I was looking for in a car. I told her and off she went to find me something that I would like. The whole time in my mind I'm thinking why in the world am I still sitting here knowing that I'm not going to be approved. A few moments later Mr. Grant said everything's looking good. I was praying and was thanking God for what he has done because something was happening and I stopped having doubts. A couple of hours later Mary said we're going to get you out for a test drive. Well, needless to say this is where another blessing came in. I literally had 10 dollars in my pocket and was approved for a very VERY nice used vehicle. When I went to the car and opened the door to look inside, everything that I told Mary that I was looking for in a vehicle was in that car plus a couple of additional features that I was giggling about. I would like to thank the entire team for assisting me in this journey with purchasing a vehicle with no money down. I thank God and give all the honors to him because I know from where my blessings flow. There was something about that flyer that came in the mail and there was a reason why I didn't threw it in the trash. I literally receive the blessing from the day I received that mail to the following day of going to the dealership. Here's a little information about the dealership--- it is very clean and all the stations of the sales representatives were immaculate and everything was in place. We were offered some snacks, coffee and they have a popcorn stand in the hallway of the front showroom.

If you are one like me and have given up hope that you would ever be able to purchase a really nice vehicle due to credit issues, please give this place a try! Do not think about it secondly go here first. I will definitely refer others to this dealership. If I need another vehicle in the future, I will be returning. Bless you all for such a job well done! 

Sherreen T. Best car buying experience ever! I was able to walk out with my dream car. Mary, Carl and Ramesh took care of all my needs and treated me like a queen, can't wait to do business with them again

Bruce E. As a retired person on a fixed income, I did not expect I'd ever get an opportunity to re-establish my credit and find a late model vehicle that I could afford. The wonderful staff at Herb Gordon Nissan exceeded my expectations in a friendly, professional manner. I'm glad I took advantage of the Fresh Start Program. Bruce E. 

Jim & Barb. My husband and I have had credit issues and have been turned down many times in the past for vehicles. All we have been able to get is used vehicles with no warranty at buy here pay here lots. We decided to file bankruptcy and in December it was discharged. In January I ran across the Herb Gordon Fresh Start program. ONLY after reading all the testimonials did I decide to give it a shot. I was skeptical but figured all those people couldn't be lying. I applied and within a very short time frame got the call that I was approved. I was still skeptical but submitted all paperwork they requested. My thought was I'd be sent home in another older model vehicle with limited warranty. To my surprise we walked out of there with a brand new Nissan Sentra. This program is legit. We drove there all the way from West Virginia and it was worth it. From the moment we walked in the door they made you feel comfortable. Everyone greeted us by name and didn't treat us like 2nd class due to our credit problems. We were treated just like anyone else in there buying a new vehicle. They even invited us to their company sponsored lunch which was delicious. Thanks so much Mary, Kathy & Musa. 

Barbara S. I had an AWESOME experience. I had financial issues and didn't know I would be eligible to get financing again. Mary B. and Hassan G. who were incredibly kind and determined in helping me get my NEW CAR. In my opinion, they both are Angels with invisible wings. I have since advised and referred my friends that have or are having financial issues to please go to Nissan in Silver Spring Md. They will make a way out of no way for you to drive. I am completely grateful for their services, and i love my new car. Thank you Mary and Hassan. Keep up the great work! 

Jessica L. Wow I'm so proud of myself. That's to a co-worker Ms. Banks over heard that I was going to have a baby soon and a car would really help. I though because of my credit I wouldn't be able to get a car. But to my surprise she handed me a card I call set up my appointment and I couldn't believe what happened next. I have gotten to meet three employees at the dealership. They made sure I was taken good care of from me eating to the right car also making sure that everything fit into my budget so I thank all that helped . I'm loving my new car. I called it my husband. 

Debbie B. OMG Kathy, Mary and Mr. Hassan, are the most wonderful people. I had no credit and wanted a car they work a miracle for me. Mary took me through it step by step and made sure I understood everything. They will help you, it's not a joke and they don't have any thing up their sleeves. This is my first car and I am loving it. I can tell my man lets ride. Thank you all so very much. Go Herb Gordon - give them people a raise . 

Crystal J. I didn't expect much when I ran across the fresh start program. After sitting through dealerships that had the whole we can get you in with bad credit, no credit, etc, my hopes of finding a car were really not looking good. Herb Gordon changed my whole life. The whole team was amazing from the moment I submitted my application online. Kathy, Mary, Mark, and Carl put in work to make sure that my daughter and I didn't have to spend another winter catching the bus or paying for cabs. I've been to plenty of dealerships and this is the only one that I have been telling all my friends and family about. Thank you all so much! 

Teresa T. Over this year in my car search/purchase, I have asked myself many times if there is one honest dealership left in the metropolitan DC area. Yesterday I could finally answer "YES" after the completion of my car purchase at Herb Gordon Nissan. I went in with less than perfect credit to find out about their special program for the credit score challenged and they were able to get me a great deal on the car I wanted with an amazing interest rate considering my circumstances. They understood that even folks who have bumps in the road with finances are still good people. I was treated with respect and not like a desperate soul looking for any car I could get. They thoroughly explained everything to me and there were no surprises when I arrived home later to thoroughly read my paperwork. I went on the longest test drive ever with my salesperson Carl who had full knowledge of all the features. Give them a try.

W. Myers. I would like to thank kathy and Mary for excellent customer Service also Hassan they explained everything to me so I would understand what's going on I am happy and blessed with my first car and my payment were right in my budget thank you guys for everything!!! 

Teresa T. This is the first time I have written a positive review for a car dealership. From the initial calls and emails I was treated respectfully. I went in to test drive and hear what I expected to be just another bad experience. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone from the front door through finance and management was genuinely pleasant, knowledgeable and kind and did all they could to make sure I drove away in a car I was satisfied with plus a much better deal than I ever expected. I will recommend anyone looking for a car to stop here first. Thank You Chantel, Carl, Mary and the great manager whose name I do not have right now. I really was treated like family! 

N. Valentin. The whole team is AMAZING! I had the best experience with every single person. They all work so well together and they work hard to make sure you leave happy and with no doubts. They literally worked out a miracle. I was super shocked that they put me in a brand new car that I love! And I got the best deal. I would not go anywhere else to buy a car. Thank you so much guys! 

K. Beynum. I would highly recommend coming to this delearship before going anywhere else. Kathy told me I was approved and there was no catch or crazy large down payment to make. It was something I could easily afford. Carl stayed with me the entire time and helped me out as much as he could. He didn't force me to buy a specific car he gave me options. These guys stayed with me and the whole process was fast. 

B. Howard. I want to take this time to personally thank the team at Herb Gordan for all their help. I have spoken to hundreds of dealerships over the past month and been in many car lots. I have never experienced such excellent customer service in this whole process. The who car buying process was a nightmare from the beginning and I felt like there was no way I would ever be able to get a car because no one wanted to help me. I haven't had the best of credit because of some issues I had when I was much younger, but Herb Gordan was the only one who was willing to put themselves on the line to help me given the credit situation I was in. I have been corresponding with Kathy for months now and she has been so helpful and reassuring to me. She never gave up and me and she really fought to get me a better deal. When I came into the dealership, I got to speak to John who couldn't have treated me any better. He helped me to choose the best car fit for my situation instead of throwing me into something I couldn't afford. Even Mary made the process of paperwork seem a little less threatening. I want to commend the whole team at Herb Gordan for their outstanding work. No one there is out to help themselves. Everyone there is truly out to help the customer. I will be sending all my friends to Herb Gordan to buy their next cars! Thanks again!!! 

A. Selby. Carl and Kathy have worked diligently throughout the past year to ensure that I be in a car. Well it paid off. Nov. 1, 2014 I drove off in my first car. They where very consistent & sincere in helping me. (If there is any incentive (raise) they both deserve one. The whole team was awesome!!! I would recommend Herb Gordon knowing that they will be in GOOD hands. 

T. Moorer. Mr. Signora, I take this opportunity to commend Carl De Shazior of your team for his exemplary customer service with respect to my recent auto purchase. Carl, genuinely cared about me as a customer and my specific needs. Carl was proactive in his approach in addressing my vehicular transportation requirements and he provided insights about my ultimate choice (2014 Nissan Sentra) thereby facilitating my purchase. His easy manner and educational approach made me feel very comfortable throughout the purchase process. I salute Carl and extend my sincere gratitude for his highly professional customer service. 

S. Brown. Words cannot express how great the service was working with Mr. Musa, Ms. Chantelle and the staff of Herb Gordon. I was in dire need of a car and I had major problems getting one. I called Herb Gordon and spoke with Ms. Chantelle and within two hours she had me pre-approved for a car. In dealing with other dealerships in the past I did not trust her world that she could put me in a new car, but Ms. Chantelle assured me that if I came all the way from Owings Mills Md she would have me in a car, and indeed she did. When I got to Herb-Gordon Ms. Chantelle introduced me to Mr. Musa Faal. This great man had me testing driving my car within the first 10 min of being there. I told him i loved it and he said good because it's yours! I was in all that with only being there for a hour, I was driving away in my new car. I just want to thank them for their kindness and heartfelt service in helping me start over with my new car.

Max D. I just wanted to say that working with Carl and Mary at Herb Gordon Nissan was the shortest and most painless time ive ever had at a dealership. Carl was very informative and Mary's financing knowledge and expertise in finance was superior to all my car buying experiences in the last 25 years. She must have a lot of leg in her banking pool to get me approved. Carl and Mary are my new best friends. I have referred your team and dealership to three people that are currently in the market for a new vehicle. Thanks for all your help, I now have a new car and i love my new best friends. 

Darren C. Ron was our salesperson and from day one he was very helpful, informative and compassionate about getting us in a reliable vehicle. He made sure we got everything we needed and even went above and beyond to make sure that me and my family's tenure at the dealership was comfortable and inviting. Mary in finance was exceptional as well as she made sure that we got the best deal for the best vehicle and she absolutely accomplished that. Without any pressure to buy, she presented us with information about GAP and warranties and made sure that we had all the information needed to make an informed decision. With credit being on the negative end and with hearing "NO" from every other dealership in the area, we did not think we could get an approval for a vehicle, but with Ron and Mary being the hard working and knowledgeable people that they are, they were able to not only get us approved for a car, but we left the dealership with a brand new 2014 Nissan Sentra that we absolutely love!!!!! Before coming to Herb Gordon Nissan, I had no faith in car dealerships and meeting with so many sleazy salesman, I never wanted to go to a dealership again. But meeting Mary and Ron completely changed my opinion about the automobile industry and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet these two awesome individuals. We are Herb Gordon Nissan customers for life and we will definitely be back for our next purchase in the future....Thanks you guys 

Nicole B. My experience at the dealership was awesome. I was able to walk away yesterday with a brand new vehicle after experiencing trouble with financing at so many other places and being denied. Both Kathleen and Mary were awesome. They were able to make it happen and whether they know it or not this was truly a blessing for me. The process was so seamless and I was greeted every time with a smiling face and a genuine willingness to help get me in a car. Even after a repossession they we able to "walk on water" an make it happen for me. The sales person Harvey was awesome. He made sure I was welcomed and taken care of both myself and my family. Not only that he took the extra time when the place was closing down to make sure I knew the ends and out of my car. They were extremely helpful and I am so happy I was lead to them to get my new vehicle. Oh and I cant forget the smiling face at the front desk. I'm not sure of her name but everyone and everything was perfect start to finish. Thank you for being a blessing!

Pamela H. I am so blessed today I thought that I couldn't get a car but the team believed in me Carl, Mary, and Kathleen are the best!!! I was able to drive off the lot with a car very happy. They didn't force me into something I didn't want they were all patient with me and I am so Grateful!!!! Please if you are seeking a car new or used visit my second family at Herb Gordon Nissan Silver Spring, Md

S Mason. Very knowledgeable, professional team. Thank You for such a painless process of my purchase! Kathy, Mary, and Hassan and the rest of team I Thank You, I will return for my next purchase, and you all would surely be my recommendation to others looking to purchase a vehicle! 

Adam L. Try these guys first. Really. Financially, I had a few hard knocks last year and my credit was thought dead. They have a Second Chance program that works very, very well. Kathleen called me when I asked about financing. She told me something could be worked out, but I was skeptical, thinking I'd get burned on interest. I was looking for a convertible, but they had none, so I wasn't in a rush to get back to them. My truck started dying, and it came to the point I had to replace it ASAP, so I went in to see if there was anything I'd be interested in. Next door to their dealership, I saw a MINI I was curious about, and was expecting to have them call me if they came across one like it. I met with Carl, and in a phone call, he was able to have the car brought over from the other dealership for a test drive. Financing was a breeze, handled by Mark. This guy is great too. In a very short time, he was able to find someone to finance me without the insane points I was expecting to pay, and was able to help me figure out the pitfalls of buying a used car. None, when it comes to buying a MINI convertible. I went in at 9am and was out before noon with a car, which by the way is awesome. It's taken me longer to get a laptop at BestBuy. I have my MINI warranted for the next five years, so I don't have to worry about anything. Herb Gordon Nissan has been excellent in handling what I need to have done, and customer service so far has been outstanding. Had I known how painless car shopping could be, I'd have gone to them first. This is truly an awesome service. When it comes to choosing a car, the only thing I'd recommend higher than getting a convertible is going to see Carl at Herb Gordon. 

Marjorie R. I just want to say thanks to such an amazing set of people in the fresh start program at Herb Gordon. Kathy, Musa, Mary and every one else that had a hand in me driving away in my brand new car. I want to say thank you soooooooooooo much! Customer Service was exceptional and I will tell everyone I know about my experience and get you guys some business. Thank so much! I'm glad to be a new Nissan owner right before my youngest son birthday! My kids will be sooo happy! 

Vania M. I can't say Thank you enough to Herb Gordon! Mary was fast and she got me the car I wanted and needed. Kathleen was so wonderful to my mother and son Nikolas. Thank you again. 

Shatoria W. My service here was awesome! Everyone is so friendly and they really have your best interest not just about getting your sale. They made the process very pain free and Musa was great. 

Erin K. I'm not sure these guys truly realize exactly what it is they are really doing people when they're able to get a difficult loan to be approved. For many people the mobility that owning your own car provides is very much a natural occurrence once you turn 16. However for many of us driving truly is a privilege and the ability to purchase a vehicle is not within our grasp. Mary B. And Musa at herb Gorden made financing a reliable car a reality and I'm back on the road! My 4 children are equally grateful as they no longer have to pack themselves in like sardines just to get to softball practice. Thanks so much for your time and patience, you guys are amazing!

Jennifer W. My experience at Herb Gordon was unbelievable. This all started last year. My first email and phone conversation was with Yolanda. She asked me to come in and I never did. The reason being is when you think of Herb Gordon you think GOOD Credit something I didn't have and I figured I would be wasting their time as well as mine. I received an email from Kathleen, I sent her my info and she assured me that Herb Gordon could help me again I thought it would be a waste of time. By this time I had already visited a half dozen dealerships in my area and some said I had to come up with a hefty down payment or they just said plain old simple NO. I was renting cars for months and this clearly had to end. One Saturday afternoon I decided to come see Kathleen she referred me to Jacob. Jacob asked me what kind of vehicle I needed for my family, something the other dealerships didn't ask. He found a vehicle to fit my needs. Then along came Mary, OMG she worked a miracle, I couldn't believe it, I was going home that day with a vehicle. I asked her to pinch me!!! This was truly a great thing, I am a single mom of 4 and two of my children have special needs, being able to purchase an SUV was truly blessing!!! Thanks Herb Gordon!! 

Jamais B. My experience with Musa, Mary, and Mark was PHENOMENAL. I came in determined to get a car but was a little unsure if they could make something happen. From the moment I walked in until I drove away with my car everyone was professional, friendly, and had a genuine concern for my situation. The customer service is exceptional. I would HIGHLY recommend them any day. They have earned my business for life and I look forward to working with them again. 

Katrina A. Outstanding and Excellent!!! I didn't think I had a chance at all but from the time I entered Herb Gordon Nissan to the time I left, my entire experience was definitely one to remember. Jim has the patience of Job and stuck with me assuring that I would walk out with a car...AND I DID!! I was the nay sayer. Mary was quick in the whole finance experience and just impressed me with the quickness and thoroughness of closing the deal. No matter what the circumstances were, they made me feel like what I wanted mattered. I normally buy cars from Virginia but today's experience has truly changed my mind! Thanks Jim and Mary soooo much!!! Also thanks Herb Gordon Nissan!!! 

JACKIE Z. I just recently purchased a Nissan Altima! I must say, I was a bit nervous and thought it would be impossible to get the car. I have to thank Kathy, Mary, Musa and last but not least, Mark for making it possible. Mark YOU ROCK!!! They welcome me with great energy, excitement and gave me all the support that I needed! I will recommend Herb Gordon to all my friends. I left with a smile on my face. I am truly a fan! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING A HAPPY CUSTOMER! 

Alexus D. When others say NO Herb Gordan Nissan of silver spring will say YES and definitely make buying a car stress free. Mary, Musa, and Kathleen are all AWESOME. They made my car buying experience enjoyable and interesting. The first thing that caught my eye and made me feel comfortable with doing business with them was, how exceptional there customer service was. Everyone in the showroom spoke as I came in. Walking through the office everyone was so generous. Great JOB !!!!! - Secondly, the neatness of the office; As complimented to Mary, there organization and presentation of their office is very well. Who wants to do business with a company who has everyone information all over the place???I want to recommend Nissan of S.S to any first time buyers, who if you just want a FRESH START they will help rebuild you credit in as little as 5 years. Thank You Staff for such a successful experience. I look forward in doing business with you. Lastly, Mary I thank you so very much for working so hard in making a deal with me. You made my car buying experience memorable. "SUPER-SALES WOMAN" 

Randolph J. I love everybody here they made my my first car the best with all the great deals. 

Kanisha M. I would like to say that my experience with Herb Gordon Nissan was a pleasant experience. The team that I worked with which consisted of Viola, Mary, and Mark all did their very best in exceeding my new car sales experience. I really appreciated how each and every team member went above and beyond to help me get into my new vehicle. I would recommend Herb Gordon for your next vehicle.

Tilysha R. I would like to say that this is the best team ever! The customer service here is superb. Ms. Kathy worked very hard on getting me financed for my vehicle and I want to say thank you. Thank you for hiring such extraordinary people.

Tiangay K. I came to purchase a vehicle it was so wonderful. I did not have to wait for long. The staff there was very professional about assisting me to purchase my new car! At Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring they don't just treat like customer they treat you like FAMILY! Thank You Kathy for the warm welcoming, Mr. Harvey for this hard work on making it so easy to get a car and last but not these Mary for believing in me and giving a Fresh Start when no other Dealership would!!

A. Roberts. I had a pleasant experience at Herb Gordon Nissan. I worked with Chantell and Mary in finance. They provided me not only with the finance information but they also helped me personally with making sure my car payments would be something I could afford and various payment options. Once I had my approval and numbers I was ready to pick out a vehicle! My salesman, Musa, was eager to get me in the car I desired at the price I wanted. I like their process at Herb Gordon. There's also no pressure just to make a sale. Herb Gordon was all about me ensuring a win-win situation before sealing the deal. Thanks guys, you've earned a lifetime customer!

C. Dunn. I would like to thank Mary and Musa for all there hard work and giving me a fresh start when others would not. We will recommend Herb Gordon to our friends.